Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Circuit Riding Preacher

The circuit ridin’ preacher
Used to ride across the land
With a rifle on his saddle
And a Bible in his hand;
He told the prairie people
All about the promised land,
And he went riding by.

The circuit riding preacher
Traveled through the mire and mud
Told about the fiery furnace,
And of Noah and the flood.
He preached the way to heaven
Was by water and the blood,
As he went riding by

~ Tim Spencer, Manna Music.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Henry William Brinkman

Heinrich Wilhelm (Henry William) Brinkman (1881-1949) = Architect. On April 30, Heinrich, one son of twelve children, was born to Theodor and Fredricka Marie Voeste Brinkman in the German province of Westphalia. The following year, his family emigrated to America, first moving to Decatur, Illinois, then to Garnett, Kansas, and finally settling in the German settlement at Olpe, some ten miles south of Emporia, Kansas. His father first worked as a builder, then in the hotel business, a merchant and finally was the director of the Olpe State Bank. Henry’s younger brother, Leo J., grew up to become an accountant.
The Brinkmans were devout Catholics, very active in church affairs, and this may have led Henry to specialize in the design of churches and related facilities. He graduated from the school of architecture at Kansas State University in Manhattan in 1907. While he designed many other types of buildings during the course of his long career (1910 –1947), such as residential and civic ones, the main body of his designs were for the glory of God.
On June 24, 1908, Henry and Elizabeth K. Kuhlmann were married in his hometown of Olpe. They had four children born to this union – Eleanore, Joseph Jerome “Jerry,” Gloria Ann, and James Warren Brinkman. Jerome Brinkman followed in his father’s footsteps and joined Henry in his architectural firm after World War II, finally becoming a partner in the firm when Henry retired in 1948.
Henry was an active lay member of the Sacred Heart parish in Emporia, Kansas, a member of the Knights of Columbus and the Rotary Club, and was for sixteen years a director of the Citizens National Bank of Emporia. He died on December 7, 1949 and was buried in the St. Joseph Cemetery in Olpe, Kansas.

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Building Permit Records

Places to Visit:
A Partial List of Churches designed by Brinkman:
1908-10 = St. Joseph Catholic Church, Olpe
1910 = Methodist-Episcopal Church, Americus
1911 = Sacred Heart Catholic Church, First & Exchange, Emporia
1912-17 = St. Joseph Catholic Church, 105 N. Oak St., Damar, Rooks Co. (National Register, 2005)
1912 = Brinkman’s 1st Personal Residence, 917 State, Emporia.
1913 = St. Bede’s Catholic Church, Kelly.
1916 = St. Lawrence’s Catholic Church, Easton.
1916 = St. Joseph’s Catholic Church (basement), 811 Vermont Ave, Kansas City.
1917 = Parsonage, Andale.
1917-18 = St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, 630 South Pyle St, Kansas City. (closed)
1920 = The Seven Dolors Catholic Church, 731 Pierre St. (NE corner of Juliette & Pierre St), Manhattan, Riley Co. (National Register, 1995)
1920-21 = St. Joseph Catholic Church (completion), 811 Vermont Ave., Kansas City. (A Polish national parish; merged with St. Benedict parish in 1976)
1920-22 = St. Martin’s Catholic Church, Piqua.
1922-24 = St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Emporia
1922 = St. Benedict’s Parochial School, South Boeke St.& Pacific Ave., Kansas City.
1922-26 = Mother House, Order of Sisters Servants of Mary, 800 North 18th St, Kansas City
1922 = St. Joseph’s Parochial School, Olpe.
1922 = Brinkman’s Personal Residence II, 508 Exchange, Emporia.
1922-23 = Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, 2203 Parallel & Troup Avenues, Kansas City.
1924-27 = St. Peter’s Cathedral, 414 North Grandview Blvd. Kansas City. (Seat of the Archdiocese).
1925-27 = Church of the Holy Family & Rectory, 6th & Ohio and 274 North Orchard St., Kansas City.
1925 = St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, 4th & Maple St, Fowler.
1925- 41 = Bishop Ward High School and addition, 708 North 18th St., Kansas City.(Dedicated on Oct. 11, 1931)
1927 = St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Offerle.
1928 = St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Emporia
1928 = St. John’s Rectory, Spearville.
1929 = St. Patrick’s Parochial School, Corning.
1929 = St. John’s Parochial School, Hoisington
1929 = St. Andrew’s Parochial School, Wright
1929 = Sacred Heart Parochial School and Rectory, Dodge City.
1929 = St. Anthony’s Hospital, Sebetha
1930 = Church of the Holy Redeemer, Tampa
1942-43 = St. Agnes’ Catholic church, 53rd & Mission Road, Roeland Park.

St. Peter’s Elementary School, Joplin
St. John Hospital addition, Joplin
1912 = Guardian Angel(s) Catholic Church (1st phase), 4232 Mercier, Kansas City.
1922 = Guardian Angels Church, Kansas City, Jackson Co.
1922-23 = Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church, Kansas City, Jackson Co.
1922-24 = St. Francis Seraph, Kansas City
1922 = Sacred Heart Parish hall, 814 West 26th St, Kansas City.
1922-23 = Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church, 2554 Gillham Rd., Kansas City
1924-28 = Holy Name Catholic Church (completion), 2201 Benton Blvd., Kansas City
1924-25 = St. Francis Seraph Catholic Church, 807 North Agnes Ave, Kansas City (closed 1991)
1925 = St. Catherine’s Home for Working Girls (Sisters of Mercy), 1026 Forest Ave., Kansas City
1925 = Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 930 Norton, Kansas City
1926-32 = St. Therese of the Little Flower Parochial School & addition, 5809 Michigan Ave, Kansas City.
1927 = Our Lady of Guadalupe Parochial School, 2310 Madison, Kansas City
1927 = St. Ludger Catholic Church, Germantown, Henry Co.
Catholic Church, Blue Springs