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Daniel Lewis LaRue

 Daniel Lewis LaRue (1867-1934) = Farmer. Stonemason. Born to Amos Tiffin Davis "AT" (1830-1900) and Sarah Ann (Stroud) LaRue (1831-1891), Sr. in Madison County, Indiana on August 22. He was their 7th child of eight and he moved to Burr Oak, Rooks Co., Kansas when he was seven with his parents. His siblings names were: Amos, Jr., Elizabeth, Mary, John William, Jacob, Joseph, and Sarah.
Daniel married twice and had a total of thirteen children. In 1890, he married Amanda Jane (Moon) (1870-1891), daughter of Jonathan D. (1846-1916) and Harriett (Wall) Moon. Amanda died the following year giving birth to Earnest Preston (1891-1972). Daniel, then 22, was unable to care for his newborn son and left the little tyke in his sister, Sarah's (1870-1952) care until he was nine. Four years later, Sarah married Amanda's brother, Linton Henry Moon (1871-1950), producing seven children of her own.
Meanwhile, Daniel met Deliah "Della" E. (1879-1943) in Hebron, Nebraska. She was there caring for her sister, Belle, who had married one of Dan's cousins, Marion LaRue and contracted tuberculosis. Dan & Della tied the knot on August 27, 1898 in Stockton, KS. Della was the daughter of James A. (1828-1903) and Hester Ann (Morris) Bailey (1844-1925) of Stanberry, MO. Since Dan was a stonemason, they moved where there was work. Their first five children were born in a different towns every two years. Eventually, when number six came along, they had reached Hill City, KS where they lived a number of years. In 1920, they moved to Topeka, KS where Ernie was residing at the time.
Following a broken neck caused by a drunk driver in a head-on collision, Daniel died in Bell Memorial Hospital, Kansas City. Both he and Della rest in peace together in the Waverly, Kansas cemetery.

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My great-grandfather repaired the walls of this historic stone churchhouse,
Ash Rock Church (org. 1878; stone bldg. built 1883), near Woodston, Rooks County,Ash Rock Twp., KS. 

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    This building near Jennings, KS is beautiful. I cannot even imagine how difficult it would have been to build out of rock and stone. I would have had to leave in a tent if it were up to me to build.

    Thank you for stopping by and saying hello. Hope you'll visit Home Haven sometime.

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